Talking Therapies


All of our therapy rooms offer a safe and confidential environment to allow you to discuss the things you need to.  Face to Face, Internet and Telephone sessions are available.


Counselling is a talking therapy that helps you explore the issues that you may have in life and to help you find the answers that you need. Our Counsellors offer a variety of approaches working with individuals and couples in a safe and confidential environment.

All counsellors are members of the BACP or UKCP

£50 per session

Transformational Coaching

Coaching is a fantastic way to sharpen your focus and have one to one support to get you on track to achieve your goals. It is an empowering process which supports you to take control of your life, identify what you really want and go for it!

Whether you want to find out your direction in life or focus on key challenges that are happening right now.

Prices available on enquiry

Anger Management

Anger is a natural reaction we all experience at times in our lives. When it becomes unmanageable however it becomes a problem. Our Anger Management counsellors can help you to understand your anger and to use different ways in order to manage it. Offering one to one therapy either on a session by session basis or with our 6 week programme.

6 week course for individuals including all course materials.

4.5 hour workshop.

Stress Management

Stress seems to be on the rise and can affect everyone in their own way. We have a six week Stress Management programme that helps you work through the issues you have and put things in place to help you manage its effects.  If you would prefer to work through this on a session by session basis with one of our counsellors then this is also something you can do.

6 week course for individuals including all course materials.

Who We Are

We are a Social Enterprise based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire and offer a wide variety of therapies to help you find your way and find a balance in your life.


* Prices indicated are our full prices. We offer a reduced rate for Charities, Local Authorities and those on a low income or benefits. Please contact us to see what availability and prices we have.

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